Our Products


From pastured hens $5.00/doz


Outdoor-raised whey-fed Berkshire Tamworth cross, bred and born on-farm

  • Chops $9.50/lb (1” and 1.5” 2 per pack, 2” packaged singly)
  • Shoulder Steaks & Blade Steaks $8.50/lb
  • Racks of Ribs $7.50/lb
  • Hams (boneless, smoked, no nitrates, approx. 3lbs each) $10.00/lb
  • Bacon (smoked, no nitrates) $10.00/lb
  • Jowl Bacon (no nitrates) $8.00/lb
  • Hot Dogs (smoked, no nitrates) $10.00/lb
  • Ground Pork $6.00/lb
  • Sausages:
    • Kielbasa $10.00/lb
    • Breakfast (bulk) $8.50/lb
    • Sweet Italian $9.50/lb
    • Hot Italian $9.50/lb
    • Chorizo $9.50/lb


Grass-fed, bred and born on-farm, Belted Galloway/Hereford cross

    • Filet Mignon $20.00/lb
    • Rib Steaks $15.00/lb
    • NY Strip $15.00/lb
  • Ground Beef $6.00/lb
  • Stew Beef $6.00/lb
  • Brisket $8.00/lb
  • Chuck Steak $8.00/lb
  • Sirloin $10.00/lb
  • Short Ribs $8.00/lb

Rose Veal

Milk & grass fed on pasture, humanely raised, Belted Galloway cross

  • Cutlets $16.00/lb
  • Rib Steaks & Porterhouse $15.00/lb
  • Sirloin $10.00/lb
  • Osso Bucco $8.00/lb
  • Ground Veal $6.00/lb

Where To Buy

The Farm Stand at Meili Farm (pork, beef, eggs, honey)

3954 Route 343, Amenia, NY
Open year-round, by appointment only.
Please call ahead (845-373-4411) to schedule a visit.
(We ask that you please leave your dogs at home.)

Amenia Farmers' Market and Amenia Winter Market (pork, beef, eggs, honey) 

Keep up-to-date with the Amenia Farmer's Market on Facebook

Route 22, just north of the intersection of Route 22 and Route 44/343, in the parking lot of the former Amenia Elementary School, Amenia, NY
Amenia Farmers' Market: Fridays 2:00pm to 6:00pm, late May through October

Amenia Winter Market: Saturdays 10:00am to 2:00pm, every Saturday Nov & Dec, 1st and 3rd Saturdays monthly Jan through April

Kent Farmers' Market (pork, beef, eggs, honey)

Keep up-to-date with the Kent Farmer's Market on Facebook

Kent Green, Kent, CT
Saturdays 9:00am to 12:00pm, mid May through mid October.

For local chefs and butchers, fresh whole hogs and are available.

Please contact us directly by calling 845-373-4411 or sending an email to [email protected].

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