The Farm

Meili Farm sells pork, beef, eggs and honey. Our Tamworth-Berkshire hogs, Belted Galloway-Hereford cows, and heritage breed laying hens are all raised on pasture in the most humane way possible. All of our hogs and cows are bred, born and raised on the farm.

Our free-range laying hens are fed our farm-milled feed, and our pastured hogs are fed twice daily a mix of our farm-milled feed, vegetables, hay and whey from two local cheesemakers. The corn used in our feed is non-GMO and is grown by us right here at Meili Farm. Our corn is stored at a high moisture content and is naturally fermented. The cows are on pasture year-round, and are given our own high quality hay through the winter months.

The farm’s five hives of honeybees are tended according to Biodynamic principals and provide delicious honey. None of our animals receive growth hormones of any sort. None of our animals are given antibiotics prophylactically. Our calves and piglets do not receive routine immunizations. We do not use ear notching for identification of piglets. We do not dock tails, clip teeth or beaks, or use any routine wormers. We do not use any artificial breeding methods. We do not do these things because we have found that within our closed herds, our animals are naturally healthy, and there is absolutely no need for these conventional interventions or treatments.

Our animals are free to indulge their natural instincts: to graze, wander, root, scratch, and wallow. Our animals are free to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, to find for themselves the best grass in the pasture.

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